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Please browse my portfolio and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cardinal Birthday Card

Believe In Yourself T-Shirt

I Believe In You T-Shirt

Sleeping Cat

The Sploot Study

Millard Business Association 2014 Gala Invitation

Millard Business Association 2015 Gala Invitation

Millard Business Association 2016 Gala Invitation

Children's Illustrated Diplomas

Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Drums Across Nebraska Programs

SholdIt Hang Tag

SholdIt Pocket Insert

Your Advantage Team Halloween Party Invitation

Your Advantage Team Business Cards

Your Advantage Team Calendar

Your Advantage Team Halloween Door Hangers

Elkhorn Days 2013 Poster

Elkhorn Days 2014 Poster

Elkhorn Days 2015 Poster

Elkhorn Days 2013 Brochure

Elkhorn Days 2014 Brochure

Elkhorn Days 2015 Brochure

Super Mover Center Hero

Ragazzi's Take-Out Menu

Over Easy Direct Mailer

DC West Carnival

Maloy Caricatures

Lil Red


Three Little Pigs

The Angry Bunny

Go Go Godzilla

King Kong Plays Ping Pong

Pontiac Car Show T-Shirt

Tangier Car Show T-Shirt

Brownies Car Show T-Shirt

Naomi Hattaway for City Council T-Shirt

SoftTouch 2009 Catalog

SoftTouch 2011 Catalog

Good Samaritan Society Christmas Card

Instrument Symbols

Animal Symbols

Food Symbols

Various Objects Symbols

School Planner Arctic Characters

School Planner Desert Characters

Zombie Dance

BP Aquaman


Halloween Cas

Cat Holiday Card

Happy Holidays 2020

Crypto Chupacabra

Crypto Mothman

Crypto Nessie

Crypto Champ

Crypto Bigfoot

Crypto Yeti

Crypto Skunk Ape

Crypto Alien

Crypto Wendigo

Crypto Jersey Devil

Crypto Mokele-mbembe

Crypto Thunderbird

Crypto Ghost

Crypto Kraken

Crypto Lizardman

Crypto Flatwoods Monster

Crypto Jackalope

Crypto Mermaid

Crypto Mongolian Death Worm

Crypto Kappa

Crypto Fresno Nightcrawler

Crypto Pukwudgie

Crypto Ahool

Crypto Kongamato

Crypto Krasue

iStock Crocodile Brushing Teeth

iStock Penguin Rocket

iStock Frog and Fly

iStock Pirate Shark

iStock Grim Reaper

iStock Elf and Presents

iStock Octopus

iStock Girl and Ice Cream

iStock Boy and Ice Cream

iStock Pig Barbecuer with Hotdog

iStock Napping Hippo

iStock Waving Walrus

iStock Waving Narwhal

iStock Waving Leopard Seal

iStock Squid

iStock Flying Pig

iStock Zombie Grand Marshal

iStock Bigfoot the Tourist

iStock Bigfoot Hunter

iStock Yeti Santa

iStock Yeti Drinking Cocoa

iStock Mummy Walk

iStock Mad Scientist

iStock Pet T-Rex

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